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"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up."

-Pablo Picasso


As Create & Plate philosophy goes, the arts hold the great things that will bind and bridge everyone together, no matter whatever differences between us. In promoting the notion that we all possess the innate ability to become makers, we hope to plan and teach lessons that will guide a student in executing technique, concept, collaboration, and the best exploration possible in their work. All within the comfort of your own home. 


All you have to do, is name your time and place, and we’ll do the rest! Lessons centralized in New York City, but let us know wherever you are! Art Lessons available for students ages PK–12th Grade.

Art Lessons

Art Lessons

Cooking Lessons

"Fervet olla, vivit amicitia."

"The pot bubbles, friendship lives."

- Roman proverb


Learning to cook can be both an equally amazing and intimidating experience for some, but either way: it’s one that will produce the greatest results. Cooking is a skill one can only learn through practice, and we hope to further promote this through our lessons in your own home. No kitchen too big or small!


C & P aims to provide a complete supportive experience with our customized home cooking lessons. Each designed for one to learn, make, and share while indulging in the ultimate joy of creating something new and exciting. Learning to utilize tools in the kitchen, selecting and preparing fresh ingredients, and encouragement to indulge one’s need to create their own great food. Cooking Lessons available for:

 - Mommy & Me Cooking Class (Toddler Age 2)

 - Children Ages 3 - 12

 - Young Adult & Adult Lessons

Cooking Lessons

Event Coordination

Since the beginning, we have had the ultimate privilege of collaborating and partnering with many wonderful businesses and schools to carry out our work and mission.


We hope to bring people together with all the best ways to celebrate. At a C & P event, we hope to create an intimate experience by merging opportunities for guests to meet & eat with art, games, wits, moves, acting chops, singalongs, and sweet treats to take home.


We roll it all in one, in hopes to make a warm and fabulous time for everyone!

"If more of us valued food, cheer and song over hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."

–J.R.R. Tolkien

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Event Coordination

In addition to her work in Create & Plate, founder Caroline Choe is also a freelance writer and illustrator whose work and recipes have been featured and published in: Food52, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Edible Bronx, The Huffington Post, and Paste Magazine.


Hoping always that contributing pieces about food & the arts is another way to send out the word, and shine light on the happenings of both.


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