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Here We Are!

Since we’ve begun, C & P has always met our summers with a different vigor and gusto, always trying to see what more we can do.

Some folks take spring to do their cleaning, but we choose summer. It becomes a time of a lot of “re”- reevaluate, redoing, reforming, researching,

refreshing, rewinding, and remembering / reminding. Since we’re an education-based, when things slow down after a school year’s done, it’s perfect timing for some new material to come into play.

Henceforth, our new website! (Thank you, Our Name Is Farm!)

And some very extensive R & D. For the past two summers, we conquered

checking out what’s been happening in the arts and food communities all across and up-n’-down America. This year, it’s been running around Europe and we definitely have taken a lot back with us in both heart and soul. It was a first trip to Europe for one half of our team, and a return for myself. But of course, everything was seen through new eyes with the passage of time, and such experiences can definitely equate to new and exciting things.

Conquering cooking lessons on Facebook Live. Goodness, teaching something

live really can take your breath away, but we’ve appreciated all the love we’ve

gotten from folks who have been coming along with us online. Pardon our sweat, but we shall be up and ready to continue on with new recipes for our beloved home cooks. Indeed, we know home cooking will be what helps save the world!

With every new thing that a long passage of time offers, the most positive

thing it can do is help gain some incredible insight. With this crazy time going on, we’re hoping more than ever to advocate what we truly think hold the keys to creating a great community. The arts being part of one bold voice and food being another, the common thread in both can make wonders with many hands of makers.

Many plans ahead, much to share, and ready to take on some new steps and

miles for the journey ahead.

Here’s to a replenished and revitalized time. Stay tuned!

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