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I began my work in classroom education after graduating Carnegie Mellon University with a B.F.A. in Fine Arts, then really dove in to my work in C & P after I received my Masters’ Degree from School of Visual Arts in Art Education. Within all those years of learning, one would really be able to see just how much people from many different walks of life would find their common ground within a bond over food they love or a shared admiration of film, art, music, performance, or the will to seek more of it.


In cultivating both, were hoping to highlight and foster both interests in the arts and food, and the people who practice their work in it, every day (and especially, in your own home!) Both hold much power in bridging and translating ideas over cultures and differences, and most of all, both are the ultimate strongvehicles for great collaboration.


So with that, Im excited to continue on this journey with all of you! Lets get crackin!


One meal. One piece. One performance at a time. Neither to be underestimated for what they can do.


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